Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Friday February 2 - Ogden Point

Sälemetsiz be? Alfrescoes! This Friday, February 2 2018, we will be painting at Ogden Point (map  here ). There are facilities, parking, and a place to buy coffee. We'll meet at Noon outside the Breakwater Cafe for our Show'n'Tell.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Friday January 26 - Olympic View Golf Course

Witéjtaż Alfrescoes. This Friday January 26 2018, we will be painting at the Olympic View Golf Course. Directions to the golf course can be found  here . Check in at the golf shop and Katrina will direct you to a good painting location. There is some covered space available if it's raining. Be mindful of the golfers and stay off the greens. We will have our Show'n'Tell at 12:00, but since this is our first visit to this location, we'll organize the meeting place on site.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Friday January 19 - Thetis Lake

Mendvt Alfrescoes. This Friday January 19 2017, we will be painting at Thetis Lake. There is lots of parking, with a short walk to the lake. Directions to this location can be found  here . We will have our Show'n'Tell at Noon at the Thetis Lake Main Beach (see map).

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Friday January 12 - Lime Bay Park

Godaw Alfrescoes! This Friday, January 12 2018, we will be painting at Lime Bay Park in Esquimalt. A map of the location can be found  here . The Songhees Walkway runs through the park, and the E&N Victoria Roundhouse site is just to the north. There is lots of 2 hour parking along the street. We'll meet at Noon for our Show'n'Tell at the entrance to Lime Bay Park off Catherine St/Kimta Rd (see map). Spinnakers Brewpub is close by if you feel lunch or a sneaky bathroom break.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Friday January 5 - Belfry Theatre

Puiznu Alfrescoes! This Friday January 5 2018, we are heading to the Belfry Theatre (location  here ). We'll meet at the gazebo in front of the Belfry at Noon for our Show'n'Tell.

There is Free Parking around the Belfry during the day. Please use the street parking indicated on the map below (marked in red). Do not park in the Victoria High School parking lot (shown in black below), as that parking lot is reserved, and your car will be towed.