Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Friday June 12 - Oak Bay Marina

Silav Alfrescoes. This Friday June 12, 2015, we will be heading to the Oak Bay Marina
( map here ).  We will meet at noon in Queens Park for our Show'n'Tell.

**** REMINDER****

Happy Valley Lavendar Farm Photo Book

NOTE: If you are interested in participating in the Photo Book, please send email your images to Desiree by Friday June 19 2015.

You may have heard that the Happy Valley Lavender Farm in Langford is closing.  The Alfrescoes have painted at this location many times over the years, and in appreciation of Lynda and Michael Dowling's hospitality, we thought we would gather images of the paintings created from the Lavender farm and generate a Photo Book to present to the Dowling's.  If you are interested in contributing to the Photo Book, please email pictures of any Lavender Farm paintings you may have to Desiree Bond, at desbond@shaw.ca 

Good color digital images (JPEGs) are requested. Resolution: 300dpi, at least 4” x 5” (1200 pixels x 1500 pixels). Recommended maximum image size is 2000 pixels on the largest dimension (either height or width.)

With each image sent, please provide the following:
- Title
- Dimension in Inches (e.g. 9x12)
- Medium (e.g. Acrylic on Canvas)
- Artist Name
- Year/Month Painted (if possible)

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