Sunday, 25 November 2012

Friday November 30th 2012 Frank Mitchell's Farm

Friday Nov 30th 2012 We'll be at Frank Mitchell's farm. 
(This is the correct post, I had the date wrong last time. Sorry if it caused any confusion)

Hi Everyone. 

The Alfrescoes next location will be at Frank Mitchell's Farm: 530 Witty Beach Road in Metchosin. 

On the farm visit, it may be worth mentioning, for those who have not previously been to the farm, that there is parking in the field beyond the house. Folks are welcome to wander around (30 acres, including couple of ponds, fields, forest plantation, barns, orchard, sea views.....) There are facilities.  
Main rule: keep gates closed (animals in)

For those with GPS the postal code is V9C 4H8

Thanks to Frank for allowing us access to this great location.

Friday, 16 November 2012

November 23 Back to Mount Doug Park

Hi Alfrescoes, It's back to Mount Doug Park next Friday. For directions click on the last post.

Year End Celebration (we don't really end it but it's an excuse to celebrate our group) will be at the Coast Collective on December 7th after our usual paint out. It's a pot luck so bring something. Bring your own cutlery plates. And remember to bring them home. The coast collective will supply coffee and tea by donation. And everyone needs to clean up afterwards to leave the place as we found it. It's really nice of the CC to let us use their studio free for this occasion.

If you like bring an art supply or art related item that you don't need but think someone else would like. Bring more than one if you like. We'll each put our name in a basket and draw. The first name drawn picks the first prize and so on. I might bring a couple of oil primed door skins or a pallet I don't use but someone else would. It can even be used stuff. As long as an artist might like it.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mount Doug Park, Nov 16 2012

Hello Alfrescoes, Our next paint out location will be at Mount Doug. This is an amazing place. It is the last place Emily Carr painted. She is reputed to have said the spirit was strong there.  It has beautiful trees and pathways. Light shimmering through leaves and branches. You can also walk down to the beach where it is strewn with driftwood washed into interesting shapes by the sea.
Here are the directions to get there:

At the top of Shelbourne St we find the two entrances to Mount Doug.  Don't drive up the hill.  Instead, drive on to the junction with Ash Road.  Just beyond that is the entry on your right, into a large parking area. 
 ( Of course, read the instructions the other way around if you drive in from the West ) 
Trees, a walk along a path to a view of a ravine or take the steps down to the beach.  There are washrooms.

See you there!


We will celebrate our year end at the Coast Collective with a pot luck. It will be in the upstairs studio beginning at noon after our paint out. Please consider a date: Dec 14th or 21st. 

I have a couple of art related items that someone might like. I will raffle them (free)at the potluck. If anyone else has anything they'd like to share in the same way just bring it along to the potluck. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cattle Point, Friday November 9 2012

Hello Alfrescoes,
This Friday Nov 9th we'll paint at Cattle Point. That's the park right across the street from Upland's park in Oak Bay. Cattle Point

There's plenty of parking. Sorry no other facilities.
See you there