Sunday, 3 June 2012

June 8 2012 Durrance Lake

Hi Everyone, Our next location will be at Durrance Lake. Here's a description of it from Alfrescoe Elfreda. Who researched it for us (Thanks Elfreda): And here's a google map with Durrance lake Map.

Melanie lost a 001 W&N watercolor brush at Woodwynn Farms. Please return it to her if you found it. 

Durrance Lake: un unmanicured Park with parking lot and bathrooms. A real typical west coast scenerio. Only one building -the bathroom. Lots of foliage, water, stumps, moss, rocks and cars in parking lot in hearily forested area. It is a lovely 25-30 minute walk around the lake on a rustic path. About 20-25 minutes out of Victoria (not as long as Woodwyn Farms)

north on West Saanich Road
pass the Red Barn on the left
Take a left on Wallace Drive
take left on Willis Road (there is a sign on rt advertising Gowland Park)
take a rt on Durrance Close, Drive to end, parking in lot on left.



Mt Work on left

Goose family

view of lake from east to west

Footpath with many sunny spots

Mossy rocks

Painting from Durrance Lake

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